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Building Responsible Individuals,

Determined to Grow and Excel.

Bridge Bulldog

What is the Bridge Program?

Bridge Program is for persons 18-22  with disabilities who have finished high school.

The Program is based on the federal and state mandates to provide transition to adult living, and embodies California’s core messages for transition:

  • Student-focused planning
  • Student development
  • Interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration
  • Family involvement

The goal of the Bridge Program is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need in order to make a successful transition to adult life.

Bridge Practical 1
A Week in the Life of a Bridge Student

The Bridge Program assists individuals to increase independence and to access vocational, social, and recreational opportunities in the community.  The program is based on research which demonstrates that goals can best be accomplished by teaching in the setting in which skills are relevant, such as vocational and community settings.

Components of the program include:

  • Assessment of the students’ current skills and priorities.

  • Well developed IEP goals and objectives.

  • Systematic instruction that emphasizes acquisition, maintenance, and generalization of skills.

  • Planned, organized activities that are functional and age-appropriate.

  • On-going systematic data collection to evaluate learning.

Goals/objectives, curriculum, instruction and activities will be developed in the following domains according to each individual’s needs, family and individual values and goals, and the student’s personal interests:

  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral

  • Personal Care

  • Independent Living

  • Community Access

  • Functional Academics

  • Vocational

  • Leisure/Recreation

  • Transportation/Mobility

  • Communication

Program Staff includes:

  • Designated Administrator/Special Education Program Specialist

  • Special Education Teachers

  • Special Education Assistants

  • School Psychologist

  • Speech Therapist

  • School Nurse

  • Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapist