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Class Businesses

Several of the classes here at BRIDGE run their own businesses. Running a business helps students to work on and develop their vocational skills. Our businesses are open to the community. We would love to have you come on over and support our students!

Our business currently open for business are the Friends Cafe, the Dragon Shop, and The Pop Shop. Please see below for additional information on each of these businesses. 


Every Tuesday our Friends Cafe is open from 9am to 2pm in the C1 courtyard. The friends Cafe sells Coffee, sodas, cookies, specialty lemonades and more! You can find the Friends Cafe on Yelp!

DRAGon Shop

The Dragon Shop is open every Thursday from 11:45-12:15 and 1:45-2:15 in front of D1. The Dragon Shop specializes in Shave Ice. While at the Dragon Shop you can also buy some snacks or a handcrafted one of a kind bracelet made by CoCo. 

B3 Wonder Wash

B3 Wonder Wash was asked to close their car wash due to the drought. Rather than give up the students of B3 were determined to save their car wash. They have adapted their car wash to become a waterless car wash! They have partnered with local business No-H20. The B3 Wonder Wash is open on Tuesday's. To sign up for a car was please sign up on the BRIDGE E-5 community room door or call the main office. 

The Pop Shop

On Friday’s our Pop Shop is open and sells delicious bags of popcorn. Butter and Cheddar popcorn is available for $1 a bag or the flavor of the month is $2 a bag. The Pop Shop is open every Friday from 1:30-2:15 in front of E4.